Meet "Beanie"

Creator of the Beanie Burger (and our tasty coleslaw), "Beanie" is a long time favorite who ran our kitchen for many years. 

People in these parts know him for cooking up some pretty awesome burgers (we learned from the best). He still drops by from time to time — you might catch Beanie watching a little TV and chatting with our guests and friends. Pull up a chair next to him and make a new friend.


The "Beanie" Burger

Try the famous "Beanie Burger," or dive in to a big Prime Rib dinner, all can be found among an extensive selection of favorites on our menu.

Over the years, we became popular for one of the best St. Patrick's Day parties in the region, but you can make Gahanna Grill your go-to destination year-round!



Join us and see why people love Gahanna Grill – we love sharing our home-town hospitality, great food and a pretty awesome place for friends and family that's close to everything!

A blend of old and new, Gahanna Ohio is a great town just east of Columbus. Founded in 1849, it now boasts a population of 35,000 people. Hard to believe, since this is one of those places that still feels like a small town. People are proud of their local teams, businesses, homes and positive outlook on life. It's also great that we're pretty darned close to the John Glenn International Airport ...  the gateway for central Ohio.